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Learn and Move with Dr. Jen, LLC is a small business and physical therapy practice with availability based on your schedule! It is most preferred to schedule your initial evaluation at Wellness Lab in Hoboken, NJ as she will have full access to all testing equipment, however, “Dr. Jen Moves” and she come to your home if needed, especially helpful for those with severe dizziness and balance problems. Initial evaluations are up to 2 hours and include a thorough medical history in addition to a history of the current problem. Initial evaluations will also include extensive education, based on findings, as well as same-day treatment and home exercises when appropriate.  Follow-up therapy sessions are done in-person (as traditional), but when appropriate, information can be provided or updated via phone or e-mail (at no extra charge). While, Dr. Jen does not take insurance at this time, she will assist in filling out and providing any necessary documentation in order to be reimbursed directly by your insurance company or through your healthcare spending funds (FSA/HSA). Contact Dr. Jen for current rates.

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