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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Prepare:

It is helpful to bring a list of your symptoms with dates/time frame they began and any other important history of events or paperwork from other medical providers to your initial evaluation, as it may improve the flow of questioning (written/notes on phone/or in your head is also fine). You may also find it helpful to keep a list of questions that you may have for me to answer during our session, as well.

How to Get to Wellness Lab:

Wellness Lab is easily accessible by NJ Transit Bus or train as well as nearby to the Hoboken PATH station. There are many nearby parking garages available, as well, please let me know if you need further information on these locations (costs vary).

Cancellation Policy:

Our time together is important and I value both your time and mine. Unless there is an emergency, it is requested that you cancel your appointment by 5pm the day prior to the scheduled appointment, or pay a missed appointment fee of 50% of the scheduled appointment price. Call or email me directly and leave a message to cancel appointments or change scheduling.  Likewise, if I must cancel your appointment for any reason my promise to you is the same: If I cancel after 5pm prior to our scheduled appointment day, your next appointment fee will only be at 50% charge.