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Programs and Services

Meeting Your Goals

Dr. Jen specializes in the following and will customize evaluation and treatment techniques to create a program specific to your needs.

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Dizziness, Concussion, and Balance Disorders

If you suffer from dizziness, physical therapy may help! As a Neurologic Clinical Specialist, Dr. Jen has specialty training in different causes of dizziness and balance disorders as well as extensive experience treating sport and adult concussion.

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Injury PRevention and Mobility Assessment

Why treat, when you can prevent? Restrictions or weakness in every day movement can put you at risk for injury during daily activity or exercise. Trained in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) techniques, Dr. Jen will assess movements and body areas that may lead to injury and work with you on a comprehensive program to reduce risk.

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Dance, Yoga, Pilates, and Sport-specific REhabilitation

Dr. Jen has a background in Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, and Running leading an active lifestyle since childhood. She has created specific biomedical assessment and evaluation techniques to spot movement dysfunction during sport-specific activities that have (or could) lead to injury during your sport. Why traditional physical therapy may improve some symptoms, Dr. Jen will provide rehabilitation specific to your movement needs.

Professional Consulting and Clinical Education Offerings

Dr. Jen offers professional consulting services ranging from program development of balance and concussion centers to clinical consulting in the medical device/med-tech industries; contact Dr. Jen for more information.

Current Clinical Education Offerings:

On-site Technical and Clinical Training options for your NeuroCom System (CEU’s available upon request)