Learn and Move with Dr. Jen
Dizziness Relief - Vertigo Relief - Balance Re-training - NeuroCom Clinical Education

Jennifer Stoskus, PT, DPT, NCS

Values and Mission

Jennifer holds an MSPT from Springfield College, MA as well as a DPT from Temple University, PA. She has been practicing since 2009 and is licensed in New Jersey and New York. Her physical therapy practice focuses on education and management of dizziness, concussion, and balance disorders, and she holds an American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties Certification in Neurology. In addition, Jennifer is active in the Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and exercise communities of Hoboken, Hudson County, and Northern New Jersey. Jennifer teaches anatomy with Yoga In The World, a Yoga Alliance RYS 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, and is specialized in evaluating and treating dance, pilates, yoga, and other exercise-related injuries. 

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I have worked in various physical therapy settings over the past 10+ years, and realize the difference in the quality of care that I can offer individuals when given the opportunity to work 1-on-1; in many traditional rehabilitation settings, this is difficult due to the rising demands of productivity and insurance reimbursement contracts. I am curious by nature, always looking to learn something new, and pass this knowledge along to those I interact with. I am passionate that knowledge is power and rather than feeling like they need to come back to see me time and again, I prefer my clients become empowered and autonomous in their ability to care for themselves by understanding the rationale for specific exercises and knowledge of self-progression. There are certainly times when my guidance and skill as a physical therapist are required, however, I do not push patients to be seen multiple times per week, if this is not truly necessary.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel better.

Whether a symptom you were told that you “just have to live with” like chronic dizziness or pain, a progressive neurologic disorder, or just nagging aches and pains, my philosophy is routed in education and prevention. If you understand what is going on with your body, you have the opportunity to be aware of how this impacts your daily life. For some, just one physical therapy session will offer enough information to make small changes in a day-to-day routine that can have great impact on your health and wellbeing. Others may require ongoing education with specific physical therapy interventions and a progressive home exercise program. My primary goal as a physical therapist is not to have a patient come back to me week after week after week or feel dependent on me, but to provide enough personalized education to be able to manage their symptoms on his/her own. We often expect our healthcare providers to “fix” us, but my philosophy is not to “fix” my clients, rather to empower them through education or referral if necessary, to take a proactive role in their personal health.

Community is important to me, especially having found such a warm community myself here as a Hoboken resident. I am continually working to build a network of healthcare and wellness providers within Hudson County, and the surrounding areas, in order to better service my own community.